Our Purpose

We believe our students, community, and the global society will benefit from our mission to create a 21st century environment for learning that promotes inspiration, motivation, exploration, and innovation.   


Monroe Township School District Vision:
The Monroe Township Board of Education commits itself to all children        by preparing them to reach their full potential and to function in a global society through a preeminent education.

Monroe Township School District Mission:
The Monroe Public Schools, in collaboration with the members of the community, shall ensure that all children receive an exemplary education by well trained, committed staff, in a safe and orderly environment.

1 her work is a real inspiration to others: guiding light, example, model, muse, motivation, encouragement, influence, spur, stimulus, lift, boost, incentive, impulse, catalyst.
2 his work lacks inspiration: creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity, genius, imagination, originality; artistry, insight, vision; finesse, flair.
3 she had a sudden inspiration: bright idea, revelation, flash; informal brainwave, brainstorm, eureka moment.

1 his motivation was financial: motive, motivating force, incentive, stimulus, stimulation, inspiration, inducement, incitement, spur, reason; informal carrot.
2 keep up the staff’s motivation: enthusiasm, drive, ambition, initiative, determination, enterprise; informal get-up-and-go.

1 the exploration of space: investigation, study, survey, research, inspection, examination, scrutiny, observation; consideration, analysis, review.
2 explorations into the mountains: expedition, trip, journey, voyage; archaic peregrination; (explorations) travels.

no appliance manufacturer can survive without an ongoing commitment to innovation: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough; new measures, new methods, modernization, novelty, newness; creativity, originality, ingenuity, inspiration, inventiveness; informal a shake up.