Monroe High School Students

Before I left for our Thanksgiving Break one of our teachers sent me this update on what was going on in his classroom with the iPads:

Essentially they’re teaching themselves and each other about membranes with this awesome website called “Just Passing Through.”  The students downloaded a document from our class wiki that would lay out the requirements for their investigation. They then saved it to their digital notebooks which they maintain in GoodReader. One group member is using the MacBooks to navigate the site and research the structure of cell membranes and how it relates to its functions while the other is recording all of their information on their iPad.  Afterwards, each group will be presenting their findings and we will be working towards creating a class model of the cell membrane.

Board of Education Meeting Presentation

Last night members of our student body presented to the BOE and the community their version of 21st Century learning that is quickly becoming our culture At MTHS. These students were identified by their teachers who readily assisted other students and teachers in some amazing activities available on the iPad. As building principal I was so proud to showcase the incredible talents of our students. I can envision their next presentation to be to the board of directors at a major company. Great job MTHS. Follow the link to our student KeyNote presentation: BOE Student Presentation 111611.pdf

Video from the Board of Education meeting will be available shortly at

Shift Happens

This youtube video originating out of the University of Minnesota keys in on the “Why” of our iPad learning tool initiative.

*From the Desk of A Monroe Township Classroom
As the math and science teacher in the MAPS program I have been able to use the IPAD in several ways to actively engage my students which increases their motivation and improves their attitude about school. Here are a few highlights of how we use the IPADS in my classroom.

Dynamics of Geometry – I have created a digital notebook for my students in iPUB that they can open in their IBOOKS library. Also, the students are using the Garage Band app to make a song project called “The Beats of Geometry” in which they rap about our essential questions and enduring understandings.

Algebra II – We have gone completely paperless. My students get their do now and classroom notes from my WIKI, download these files and open them in Good Reader. In Good Reader they can type into the PDF files or use the freestyle tool to write free hand on the IPAD. They are looking forward to taking their first “paperless” test next week on the IPADS.

Physics – We often begin our day by watching a video that has been embedded in the class WIKI then students will complete the DO NOW by posting on the WIKI; this creates an environment of collaboration in the class. We are able to video tape all of our labs on the IPADS and review them for purposes of revisiting our data. Currently the students are working on a project in where they combine images, facts, and video feed to create a timeline about a famous physicist.

Chemistry – My class starts the day with a question in POLL FOR or more recently in today’s, the class can see everyone’s responses instantaneously on the whiteboard. The students are currently working on a project in Keynote about the elements. They are also looking forward to my training them in IMOVIE so we can create a project comparing and contrasting their life with recent developments in chemistry industry and technology.

A New Paradigm Actualized

I received this great email from the school’s Media Specialist and I wanted to share her thoughts on our iPad learning tool initiative.

Last week I conducted several freshman media center orientations using the iPad. It was a relatively seamless operation, knowing what I knew at the time. Students had all of the programs at their fingertips and could bookmark and save sites and handouts. The reduction in paper alone is phenomenal. All handouts were put up on the Media Center website and downloaded into Pages. However, after today’s first vanguard teacher’s professional development session, I think I would like, when the opportunity presents itself to have our students make an ePub file on articles that they will read and upload them toiBooks. What a great way to organize information when preparing sites that you will use during the preparation of a major research paper/endeavor. I am still in awe at what this tool can do and will be able to do, as we become all become a community of learners.