Our Expectations

We Expect Great Things From Our Students and Teachers

  1. This initiative will level the playing field for all students regardless of ability, socio-economic status, physical and mental challenges and technology available in the home.
  2. The technology rich environment at Monroe Township High School will be a catalyst to enhance learning and will result in higher student achievement.
  3. 21st century skills including basic skills, decision making, cooperation, creativity, high productivity and inventive thinking will be taught and learned.
  4. Increased student engagement will lead to higher attendance and positive student behavior.
  5. The iPad is a natural tool for this endeavor and will open a world of new learning opportunities for our students. Apple is a natural partner in this project because of their long history in public education, providing relevant professional development to teachers, education, and technical support.
  6. Collaboration and cooperation between students, staff, and parents and community leveraging our new tools will be sought and nurtured.
  7. New relationships will emerge between students and teachers, parents and their children, school and community, and students and their ever changing world.
  8. Monroe High School students and teachers will demonstrate leadership and inspire others to explore new opportunities for learning and bring new innovations to how learning takes place.