Frequently Given Answers

Frequently Given Answers (FGAs)

Question #1: Why is the district implementing an iPad Learning Initiative at the high school?
To Create a 21st Century Environment of Learning that Promotes Inspiration, Motivation, Exploration, and Innovation.

Question #2: How will this technology learning initiative benefit my child academically?
Your child and his or her teachers will benefit from this technology learning experience because of the 24/7 access they’ll have to the most current and updated information about what’s going on around the world. Teachers say students are more interested in learning because it’s happening where they want to be—on the cutting edge of technology. According to the most recent STAR report (School Technology Action Report by eSchoolMedia Inc., Educators say students who use the touch-screen devices for class appear to be more engaged in their studies. Students can view their schoolwork anywhere and e-mail their teachers anytime.
It seems to be making a difference: Test scores of iPad-using students are climbing.

Question #3: What will the high school do to measure the success of this initiative? If data will be collected, how will it be used?
We believe our collection of quantitative (student grades, assessment scores) and qualitative data (parent/student surveys, research studies) will demonstrate higher levels of student creativity, engagement, and achievement for students of all academic levels. We have begun discussions to bring nationally renown researchers to study our district as we lead our students through an engaging 21st Century learning experience.

Question #4: How is the school district paying for the iPad Learning Initiative?
Due to the forward thinking of our Board of Education regarding the changing dynamics of technology, technology was the last component of the high school bond referendum. Some of these referendum monies were allocated toward technology in the new high school. To sustain this initiative, the district will go through a “refresh” of equipment every 2 to 3 years by getting fair value for our current iPads and entering into a lease agreement that will sustain itself through the budget process.

Question #5: What happens if my child’s iPad is lost, stolen, damaged, or vandalized?

Your child’s $49 insurance coverage fee will serve as a one-time replacement fee. Then, you would need to file reports with the high school administration and the Monroe Township Police Department.

Question #6: Will there be Internet filters on the iPads? How will these works when my child has to do research for projects or assignments on the Internet at home?

The iPad initiative is a joint partnership between the school, students, and their parents. At school we will be there to provide an electronic trail on the iPads. The devices will be subject to the same Acceptable Use Policy restrictions and discipline procedures applied to all other technology infractions. At home, parents will be expected to work together with their children to monitor the access to inappropriate content and to provide their own filtering process if needed.

Question #7: Assuming all goes well, will my child be assigned the same iPad next year?

Question #8: What happens if the iPad breaks or just stops working properly?
Students should report this to the Technology Help Desk at the high school immediately. A replacement will be supplied if available and a new one will be purchased as soon as possible.

Question #9: What if my child does not want an iPad or they don’t want to take it home with them?

In the end, the decision for your child to have an iPad is with the parent and student, however your child will still be responsible for all of the content and assignments given in and out of class. Arrangements can be made if necessary to have your child check in and out their iPad on a daily basis. Please contact the building principal, Mr. Goodall for more specifics.

Question #10: How will the district sustain this initiative?
The district was able to purchase the iPads as part of the bond referendum for the new High School. Technology funds were allocated for the new school and the district waited as long as it could in purchasing technology because of the many evolving changes that are occurring in this field. In two or three years, the district will contract with a third party to come in and purchase the current iPads for fair value. That money will allow the district to enter into a three year lease purchase and “refresh” their technology every two or three years. These funds will then become part of the operating budget for the district.

Question #11: How will textbooks be used on the iPad?
The textbook publishing industry is being redeveloped. Companies are now developing interactive new iPad specific textbooks. Monroe is happy to announce that Pearson has partnered with our district to allow us to pilot their new Algebra 1 textbook for free during the 2011-2012 school year. Students will be able to access the content of the textbook on their iPad, which includes some added enhancements. Also available to all students will be an online digital access to the text allowing students to access content independent of a platform. Since the district is not dependent on textbooks for its curriculum, the iPad and will allow students and teachers to create their own content and access comparable content through the likes of iUniversity and other online sources for free.
Additional questions should be directed to: Mr. Robert Goodall; High School Principal or by calling 732-521-2882 and Dr. Jeff Corey Gorman; Assistant Superintendent of Schools at or by calling 732-521-3331