Mrs. Pepe’s Weekly APP Chat

6/10/14 – APP of the Week Tangible Play – A great app that you can use to build spatial awareness with shapes as well as building academic vocabulary.

APP of the Week iBeacon Technology

ADE Paul Hamilton had deployed an iBeacon technology that has amazing implications for the iPad in the classroom.  A Monroe Township teacher and an outside app developer are collaborating on a project that will create an iBeacon app that the high school students can use.

11/01/13 APP Chat of the Week Touchcast

HIgh School Teacher Demonstrates New Augmented Reality APP Great for All Ages and Different Content Areas


10/15/13- APP Chat of the Week Math Duel

High school math teacher uses the APP Math Duel to support student engagement in the Algebra I classroom.

Video filmed by Jimmy Feggulis

10/01/13- APP Chat of the Week Trading Cards

9/24/13- The APP of the week is Meteor Math- This app is great to use as a warm-up with students or at the end of class as a closing activity.  Great for promoting high levels of student engagement.  It features different levels and differentiates based upon the performance of the student.  You can work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

9/18/13- The APP of the week is On This Day… It is a current event/social studies APP that shows famous events on any given day in history for 365 days of the school year and it also includes famous births and deaths.  Video was filmed by Cameron Larsen.

9/10/13- The APP of the week is The Periodic Table.  It can be used in a chemistry class to get the students excited about different elements and compounds.  It is provides good audio-visual stimulation for high school age learners.  Next month the company who created the APP,  popAR, is introducing a physical version of the periodic table that you can place inside your classroom and watch it become Augmented Reality.  It is a super great time to be a chemistry teacher.


9/01/13- The APP of the week is Freedom Stories.  This app is a great tool for social studies teachers who are teaching the topic of slavery and the Underground Railroad.  It uses Augmented Reality to make primary documents like the Fugitive Slave Law come to life.

8/25/13- APP of the Week colAR mix.  The APP of the week is an Augmented Reality app that is triggered by coloring pages.