Mindshift – 8 End of the Year Questions to Ask Students About iPads
As the school year heads into the final days and weeks, now’s the perfect opportunity to gather feedback from students about their use of iPads. Taking the time to construct a thoughtful survey that will elicit helpful feedback can help set the stage for professional development, program enhancements, and more thoughtful steps into using the devices.
February 2014
Mindshift – What Students Think About Using the iPads in School
This article has valuable quantitative data in the form of student feedback from a school with a 1 to 1 iPad initiative.
 January 2014

Tablets in schools: coding, creativity and the importance of teachers

This article speaks about how iPads are promoting high order thinking skills in the learning environment.

Using iPads in the classroom with a curriculum that integrates IT and traditional subjects is helping pupils learn at one UK school

9/11/13- Hack the Classroom Features Women in Ed Tech

On the website Hack the Classroom Canadian ADE Michelle Cordy has featured well known female ed tech thought leaders from all over the globe in an interview about trends in educational technology.×5-v4/

The Padagogy Wheel 8/15/13

Every teacher was taught about Bloom’s Taxonomy when they completed teacher preparation school.  A lesson learning goal should always be connected to some sort of action verb: students will be able to analyze, students will be able to compare and contrast, students will be able to create.  Dr. Allan Carrington, an Apple Distinguished Educator from Australia found a a way to connect Bloom’s Taxonomy with carefully selected apps designed to enhance student learning.  The stunning visual he created is called “The Padagogy Wheel.”


The SAMR Model 8/5/13

The iPad initiative is not an initiative that is simply “all about the apps” but rather an initiative about how carefully selected apps can drive and support teaching and learning.  We are strong believers in the work of Dr. Ruben Puentedura and his SAMR model as a framework to drive our iPad initiative.

The SAMR Model


The following is an initial analysis of the baseline surveys that the Monroe Township High School conducted with Parents, Students and Teachers. The district is planning a progress check at the 6-month point of the implementation of this learning initiative.

Preliminary Data Results KH.pdf

This article discussed a new type of leaner due to usage of Broadband, Social Networks, and Mobility

The SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification & Redefinition) model summarizes a four-stage prototype for understanding one’s use of educational technology:

SAMR technology model.pdf

This article discusses a three year study on the educational gains of using iPad devices and learning gains:

This news article link highlights the emergence and usage of iPads in public schools in New Hampshire:

This website link tracks current iPad and iPad2 implementation trends

Click this link to learn more about the International Society for Technology in Education Standards and Performance Indicators that we will be working to achieve for our students

The following link will take you to everything you want to know about Apple Computer as an educational partner for learning in schools

This link connects you to an eSchoolNews story that discusses student achievement gains in a school that deployed iPads to their students

The following link is geared towards weekly updates regarding the latest apps and news related to the iPad learning device

This research article is a summary on the benefits of iPads on literacy