Teacher Resources

10/30/13- eBack Pack/Genesis Screencast Tutorial

A wonderful resource created by MTHS teacher Dr. Himmelheber on how to mass import grades into Genesis from eBackPack.


10/30/13- iOS7 What Teachers Should Know.

This blog article offers a quick overview of what teachers need to know to use iOS7 in the classroom.


10/30/13- Edutopia

This resource was provided by Kevin Higgins, MTHS vice-principal.

The following resource provides many articles about edtech trends in education, technology integration, and student engagement.  It has a great video section that has high school ed tech tips and suggestions for all levels on the continuum ranging from AP classes to special education classes.




10/7/13- Socrative 2.0

Here is a brief overview of the new features that are available in Socrative 2.0 which will be going live at 9 pm EST tonight.  Enjoy using this wonderful teacher/student response system in your classroom.

Smarter Learning Website

This link takes you to the website of Apple Distinguished Educator Gavin Smart who features a variety of new apps from the App Store and recommends how they can be implemented in the classroom.


This PDF file is a guide to eBackpack, the tutorial was created by MTHS math teacher Jackie Puleio.  eBackpack is an exciting app that is going to improve the iPad workflow for teachers and students alike at MTHS.  Please use this step to step guide to assist you as you navigate through eBackpack.  Also, if you have any questions do not hesitate to stop by the student activities center and visit the Vanguard Teachers — they will be happy to help you.

Ebackpack User Guide


This Powerpoint is an example of one of our MTHS teachers work as it relates to creating digital content via iBooks Author. The teacher among other creations can compile exemplary student work that her classes have created in IMOVIE, keynote, and Garage Band. I BOOKS AUTHOR is a program on the MAC BOOK that allows you to create wonderfully engaging iBooks that your students can download on their iPad learning tools.

iBooks Digital Content Creation.pptx

This document provides you with directions on how to set up an Apple ID with or without a credit card on your iphone, ipad, or ipod device.

Creating an Apple ID Using the iPad.pdf

This link will help you create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card.


The following PDF is a duplication of the iBook that we created regarding “Lockers” and student teacher workflow


The following pdf is a working cheat sheet to help navigate around the MacBook laptop:

MacBook help sheet.pdf

This pdf file explains how to connect to our Monroe Cloud:


How to Set Up a Network Printer at Home Using the Print Central App

Setting up a Network Printer in PrintCentral.pdf

This presentation was conducted by our Director of Information Systems on extended usage of the Monroe Cloud:

iPad and Cloud.pdf

This link is to the iPad Academy; A teacher created site that focuses on: iPad tips, techniques and tutorials

  • how-to articles on the iPad
  • knowledge to improve your iPad IQ
  • links to valuable iPad sites and resources
  • conversations on iPad topics and tools
  • information on iPad apps and accessories
  • products to make your iPad more functional and more fun


Follow this link on how to configure GoodReader to access our network storage created by one of our teachers: